Listening Local: Meet The Silent Trees

Mary Lindburg and John Redden make up the band Silent Trees. - Mary Lindburg and John Redden make up the band Silent Trees.

Some of the greatest moments in music are created by accident. There is no substitute for practice and dedication but simple chance can be equally important. 

After a Phish concert in 2010, John Redden bumped into Mary Lindberg in the lobby of the hotel they were both staying in. Post concert, the air was alive with inspiration and energy. John had a guitar and invited Mary to join him in the lobby for a jam session. An epic sing-along ensued. Twenty other guests joined in, even the hotel staff was clapping along. They played until 4 AM. This was the first Silent Trees show.

Their chemistry was undeniable and since they both resided in Falmouth, they decided to keep making music together after that serendipitous night. 

While working on a cover of “Nice Time” by Bob Marley, at John’s house, which is full of instruments, Mary tried playing the melodica, a reed instrument like a big harmonica with piano keys.  The instrument is often associated with Jamaican dub records. The sound stuck and the melodica became an integral part of the Silent Trees.


With their mellow vocal harmonies, John’s rootsy, acoustic guitar rhythms, Mary’s breezy singing and melodica playing, the band’s sound reflects the seaside they both love.

While this is Mary’s first band, John has been playing in bands for the last 15 years, including his current role as drummer in local rock outfit, Boombasnap.

Mary, the youngest of five children, grew up in a house full of music, and was exposed to everything from Pearl Jam to Peter, Paul and Mary, but had an affinity for Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, the Grateful Dead and James Taylor.

John was obsessed with classic rockers like Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and of course the Beatles, as a youngster learning how to play guitar. As he got a little older he dug into the songwriting of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Bob Marley. He also loved hip-hop music, which inspired his rhythm style. By the time he got into funk artists like James Brown, he realized he’d already been introduced to many of these drum breaks and patterns from hearing them sampled on his favorite rap songs. 

The Silent Trees are taking their diverse influences to the studio, crafting an EP of original material, as well as recording all their live shows. 

They are currently holding down a residency at local music hot spot, The Beach House, in North Falmouth, every Wednesday from 6 to 9 PM. They take pride in their live performances, showcasing their unique arrangements of crowd favorites as well as deep cuts and originals.

“We feel very at home there,” John said, “The Beach House has a great vibe.”

Beach House owner Pat Bonzagni said of the Silent Trees, “I’ve known Johnny for a long time, and once I heard Mary sing, it was a no-brainer. People seem to really like them, always a cool set list and new tunes.”

The future plans for the Silent Trees include releasing an EP, playing locally as well as branching out to new venues and continuing to take risks artistically. As Mary put it, “we want to blend different genres, specifically bluegrass, soul and reggae to create a different sound. We also plan on incorporating new instruments for me to play during our live shows, so come find out what they will be!”

The future looks beautifully unpredictable for the Silent Trees. Find out more at


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