Small Moments In Nature Captured In New Book By Sandwich Author

GENE M. MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE - "Bells with Wings" is Eileen Kerr Blakeman latest book of poetry.

“Write a page of beautiful thoughts, / The ones you saw on your walk” writes Eileen Kerr Blakeman in her poem “Now.” The Sandwich resident has done just that with her latest book of poetry “Bells with Wings.”

The book is full of small moments in nature which are captured in verse by Ms. Blakeman. An ode to a clematis that never bloomed, a tree shaped like a wishbone, birds that behave nobly and others that behave badly, spiders, rocks, bobcats

Ms. Blakeman writes of specific places: Shawme Pond, East Sandwich, and other places that are important and unique to Ms. Blakeman but the majority of the poems touch on universal topics such as life cycles, the passage of time, love, inner peace, and the beauty of nature.


The poems are short, to the point, and easy to understand and relate to. Some of them are poignant, other invite a gentle chuckle. Many of them highlight an aspect of nature one might otherwise overlook: the beauty of moss, a snail on a path, rabbits avoiding predators, a cranberry bog.

The poems follow the seasons and there’s a sense that the writer is growing in awareness over the course of observing and writing.

Ms. Blakeman divides her time between Cape Cod and Joshua Tree, California. “Bells with Wings” is her fourth book. Her others include “My Thoughts and Sayings from the Desert and the Cape,” “My Life in a Barn,” and “Seeds through the Air.”

Ms. Blakeman said she was influenced by the beauty of Cape Cod and the peacefulness of the desert. “I started writing ‘Bells with Wings’ last summer and finished the book out in Joshua Tree, California, this past winter.”

My first three books contain poems and writings about nature, said Ms. Blakeman, “but I tried to make this book more about the similarities between human life and nature.”  

Ms. Blakeman said that she hopes that “Bells with Wings,” along with her other books, will “inspire people to follow their dreams in life and to help those going through troubled times.” Barring that she hopes readers will simply “sit back, relax and enjoy.”

When asked Ms. Blakeman said that she didn’t have a favorite among this latest collection of poems. “There are so many different feelings in the poems,” she explained.

“Bells with Wings” may be purchased through Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. Copies of the book are also for sale at Twin Gables on Route 6A in East Sandwich, the consignment shop Ms. Blakeman owns. Twin Gables is open Friday through Sunday and Ms. Blakeman is happy to sign copies of the book for customers.


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