Candidate Endorsement Letters

The Barnstable Enterprise does not publishe candidate endorsement letters in the issue before the election. Instead, the paper posts endorsement letters online.

The following are endorsement letters received after the deadline for the print publication: 


To the Editor:


An effective member of the County Assembly of Delegates needs to know what Barnstable residents want from the Assembly and what the Assembly can and cannot do for the town of Barnstable.

Such knowledge can only come from extensive experience both at the town and county level. Only Greg Milne has that dual experience.

Greg served for 12 years on the Barnstable Town Council until 2011 when he was term limited. For the past 12 years, he has been elected by his peers to the Cape Cod Selectmen & Councilors’ Association, also having been chosen to serve as President of that organization.


Greg has always been a strong and vocal advocate for the needs of residents, not vested interests. He is among the most ethical and dedicated public servants I have ever known.

For these and many other reasons, I strongly urge Barnstable town residents to vote for J. Gregory Milne for the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates.


Bud Bergstrom



* * *

To the Editor: 

The Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates can be a positive catalyst for initiatives addressing challenges confronting Cape Cod. I'm running for the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates to represent your best interests. It is in all of our best interest to realize we are Cape Codders.

Although voters adopted the County Charter in 1990 creating the Assembly as a deliberative body intended to address the Cape's unique problems that transcend town boundaries...we have yet to realize its full potential. Why? Unfortunately press reports characterizing the Assembly as more reactive than proactive are accurate assertions.

The proactive public policy driver on Cape Cod is our 14 "Town Meeting" forms of government...Here in Barnstable, it is our Town Council which replaced "Town Meeting" upon adoption of the 1989 Charter. As a Town Councilor for 12 years I gained an in-depth knowledge of municipal problem solving and service delivery. I have the right local and regional experience to bring proactive ideas to the Assembly.

Regional approaches are a necessity. Does it make sense for one town to spend millions to address wastewater & nitrogen loading challenges, to a bay, where, on the other side, the other town does nothing? Towns can't always go it alone & be effective. Water is our most precious resource and watersheds don't follow town boundaries. As one of the members of the Blue Ribbon Panel which wrote county legislation creating the Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative...I'm unequivocally opposed to creating authorities &/or taxation to address water protection...and my public record confirms my position for 10 years. The county charter has extremely limited I learned serving the most recent charter review committee. County funding comes primarily from registry of deeds fees...NOT property taxes as some want you to believe. We need the county to help us lower our fiscal burdens through regionally driven efficiencies.

During my seven years as a part-time commissioner of Cape Cod Mosquito Control I understand how to deliver an efficient and effective regional service which respects our fragile environment. Our approach is the most environmentally sensitive in the commonwealth. I've been elected to the Executive Board of the Cape Cod Selectman & Councilors' Association for the past 12 years...once as its President. I've built relationships with elected leaders Cape-wide. As your councilor I hosted "Community Coffee Hours" every month for 12 years listening to your concerns.

I've been a tireless advocate for transparency. To accomplish this on the Assembly, one must not feel they are "part of government"...but rather, one of you...representing your concerns and acting on your behalf. I'd be honored to serve you.

Vote - J. Gregory Milne - Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates.

J. Gregory Milne, Candidate - Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates



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