Bourne Ballpark Nixed As Wastewater Disposal Site Due To Nearby Pollution

The Bourne Wastewater Advisory Committee has eliminated the athletic fields behind the Bourne Veterans Memorial Community Center as a possible site for underground disposal of wastewater.

The committee’s decision follows a recommendation made in a report they received this week from the engineering firm of Weston & Sampson that cited contamination concerns at the site.

In October, engineers drilled at both Queen Sewell Park and the ballfield behind the community building. Soil samples from as deep as 50 feet were collected at both sites, and at the time, engineers reported that the samples revealed only sand and no organic material or contamination that could flow to other areas in town.

In November, engineers performed seismic tests at both locations, looking for boulders and bedrock underground that might impede the flow of water. They also conducted an analysis of the sandy soil collected to see how well it will accept the proposed wastewater.


Wastewater advisory committee chairman Sallie K. Riggs appeared before selectmen Tuesday night. Ms. Riggs told the board that, contrary to the earlier assessment, this week’s report cited “existing contamination” on the community center property. Bourne wastewater coordinator Wesley J. Ewell clarified that the contamination was not found in the community center playing fields. The contamination was actually located on the site of the old Hood Auto gas station, land that the town purchased at the time the community center was built.

Ms. Riggs said that the concern with the community center fields is the possibility of treated wastewater flowing through the contaminated area.

“This site is therefore eliminated from further analysis,” Ms. Riggs said. She said that the focus of her committee will now be on the site at Queen Sewell Park.

“The study shows us that we are on the right track for pursuing Queen Sewell Park as a site for sub-surface disposal of treated wastewater,” Ms. Riggs said.


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