Bourne High School Competes For School Choice Applications With College Program

Bourne school district officials have extended the application deadline for the newly created Early College Experience Program until April 30.

They said the extension will allow time for students from communities outside of Bourne to see if earning a college associate’s degree by the time they graduate from high school is worth transferring to Bourne High School to achieve. Students from any town on Cape Cod could evoke School Choice to enroll at Bourne High School and take advantage of receiving a college-level education and college credits without paying tuition fees.

Many Cape high schools with seats to fill are advertising their strengths and advantages at this time of year. Families do not have to send their children to the high school where they live if they find a program in another town that is better suited to their son or daughter’s learning style and ambitions.


The Early College Experience Program, a new program between Cape Cod Community College and Bourne Public Schools for the next school year is seen by district officials as a huge selling point for Bourne.

They said the program has the potential to save students and their families time and money for advanced education and to get those same students into jobs faster than their peers.

When the Bourne School Committee reviewed and voted for the innovative program earlier in the school year superintendent, Steven M. LaMarche gave the committee his views on the value of the program to students.

“One of the best ways to provide Bourne High School students the opportunity to succeed in college is to provide them with a substantial college experience while still in high school. Dual enrollment, advanced placement, and other programs are a start. Ideally, all students should be able to begin college-level work as soon as they are ready, and before they gradate from high school. A free head start on college is a huge motivation,” Mr. LaMarche said.

Bourne High School principal Amy Cetner is the main contact for information regarding School Choice and the Early College Experience Program. Applications for both are available at or at the high school. Ms. Cetner can be reached at 508-759-0670, extension 228.


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