Bourne Police Logs August 18 - 21, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

At 2:46 PM, a caller from the Housing Assistance Corporation apartment complex on Route 28A reported the theft of cash totaling less than $250.

The caller said that the money was taken from a purse in a room at the complex during a five-hour window.

Police are investigating.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

At 5:48 PM, a caller reported debris on the Scenic Highway.

Police responded to find a boxed hot tub cover in the road, and proceeded to move the cover to the side of the road.

The Pool Care Professionals of Sandwich truck, which had lost the item, returned to retrieve the cover. Police assisted with traffic for safety.

* * *

A motorcyclist and his passenger were injured in a crash that occurred at 9:03 PM at the intersection of County Road and Route 28A.

Police said that John Prendergast, 52, of Cumberland, Rhode Island, was operating a 2001 Harley-Davidson motorcycle on Route 28A.

The police said that Colleen Hester, 23, of Westborough was driving a black 2004 Volvo on County Road.

According to police, Ms. Hester pulled out onto Route 28A and immediately struck the motorcycle from behind.

Paramedics from Bourne Fire-Rescue took Mr. Prendergast and his passenger, a 60-year-old woman, to the hospital for treatment.

Police cited Ms. Hester for following too closely.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

At 1:10 PM, a representative of Ocean State Job Lot on Main Street in Buzzards Bay got in touch with police about a check over $250 written to purchase merchandise at the store.

The check was returned by the bank.

Police are investigating whether the account was closed (in that case the writing of the check would be a criminal offense) or whether the account remained open but had insufficient funds, which would not be a criminal offense.

* * *

Rubbernecking led to a three-vehicle crash and a citation, according to police.

At 1:43 PM, an officer had stopped a westbound vehicle on Sandwich Road near the Midway Recreation Area and had radioed dispatch for backup.

Dispatch radioed Officer Daniel T. Cox to respond. As it happened, Officer Cox was passing by the motor vehicle stop in his cruiser, but in the eastbound lane.

Police said Officer Cox activated his cruiser’s emergency lights and swung the vehicle around into the westbound lane.

According to police, a gray 2012 Audi, driven by Natasha Rogoff, 54, of Cambridge and that was following the cruiser, stopped in her lane.

But police said a blue 2008 Ford F150 driven by Paul Lapan, 50, of Uxbridge continued at full speed, into the rear of Ms. Rogoff’s Audi, pushing that vehicle into Officer Cox’s cruiser.

Paramedics from Bourne Fire Rescue arrived. They transported Mr. Lapan and a 52-year-old female passenger to the hospital for treatment.

Police said Mr. Lapan acknowledged paying attention to the traffic stop rather than to the road in front of him. They cited him for following too closely.

As of Wednesday, the cruiser remained out of service pending bodywork.

* * *

At 2:26 PM, a resident of Bog View Drive called police to report that his motor vehicle had been damaged.

A responding officer observed that the passenger-side front window had been broken, apparently by a small object such as a pellet or BB. The damage apparently had occurred overnight.

Police are investigating.

* * *

Police said that an improper turn led to the arrest of a Hyde Park man.

At 6:41 PM, police said, an officer was traveling on the Route 6/Route28 Bypass when he observed a brown 2005 GMC Sierra pickup traveling in the other direction.

According to the officer, the truck turned left onto St. Margaret’s Street, which a sign specifically prohibits.

The officer stopped the truck, which was driven by Felix C. Ruiz, 48. Police charged Mr. Ruiz with an improper turn and operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license, subsequent offense.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

At 8:35 AM, an employee of the Trowbridge Tavern on Trowbridge Road reported a larceny by check.

The employee told police that a customer had held a function at the tavern and paid by check, but that payment had been stopped on the check.

The employee said the customer had not indicated any problem with the function or signaled an intention not to pay.

Police are investigating.

* * *

At 11:38 AM, a resident of Rip Van Winkle Way walked into the police station to report the theft of prescription medication from her residence.

The resident said that she had fallen asleep, and upon awakening discovered that the medication was missing.

Police are investigating.


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