ConCom Approves Red Brook Harborview Homes Development

One step forward, one step back for the Red Brook Harborview Homes housing development.

Last Thursday, the Bourne Conservation Commission gave its unanimous approval of the project, which has been spearheaded by Kingman Yacht Center owner Scott W. Zeien. Mr. Zeien said that approval from the conservation commission was the last major hurdle as far as the town is concerned.

However, the commission’s approval came at the same time that an appeal to the Bourne Planning Board’s approval of the project was filed in Barnstable Superior Court. Mr. Zeien said that the appeal, filed by two homeowners in the area where the development is to be built, names each member of the planning board individually, and Mr. Zeien as co-defendant.

Mr. Zeien’s plans for the Red Brook Harborview Homes include building 15 townhouses on a bluff overlooking the marina, and a wastewater treatment facility that would service the new homes. The treatment plant would be built with a large enough capacity to also service the Kingman Marina, the Chart Room restaurant and up to 50 homes in the nearby Cedar Point area. The aim is to clean up Red Brook Harbor, which has fallen victim to nitrogen loading due to the large number of homes in the area that rely on septic systems.

Mr. Zeien said that, since he is not an attorney, he could not get into the specifics of the appeal that has been filed against his project. He said that Buzzards Bay attorney J. Ford O’Connor is representing him. Phone calls to Mr. O’Connor were not returned before deadline.

Mr. Zeien said that, in addition to reaching a settlement on the appeal, he also has to get a permit from the state Department of Environmental Protection for the groundwater discharge plant. The state Department of Transportation also has to approve the plans to run a conduit for the treatment facility beneath some neighboring railroad tracks before he can break ground on the project. He said that he has received preliminary approvals from the state, but now he needs the final permits.

“Permits have monies attached to them, so we were waiting for final local approval,” he said.

Despite the appeal and the delay that it may cause in getting the project started, Mr. Zeien said that he is pleased with the support his project has received from town agencies.

“I am extremely encouraged by the way that the local governing boards have embraced the opportunity for this project to help the environment,” he said.


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