More Details Surface About Shore Road Samurai Sword Attack

Samurai sword assaults are not common in Bourne, but that is what the police discovered early Sunday morning, July 27, at 355 Shore Road.

Responding at 1:35 AM to a report of a sword attack, officers found a 39-year-old man lying on the ground in front of the residence with deep gashes in his right arm and back.

The man and woman tending to him told police that the assailant still was in the yard and that they believed he was still armed with the sword.

Patrolman Joshua Parsons drew his firearm and proceeded around the corner of the residence, where he said he encountered a man covered in blood with a sword stuck into the ground near him.


Ptl. Parsons ordered the man to step away from the sword and lie prone on the ground. The man did so and was handcuffed by police.

The police identified the man they took into custody as Keith R. Nelson, 28, of 355 Shore Road.

Police and rescue workers ascertained that the victim had suffered a deep cut to his right arm about 10 to 12 inches in length and another cut to the right side of his back about six to eight inches in length.

Given the severity of the victim’s wounds, Bourne paramedics requested a MedFlight transport to a trauma center.

Bourne paramedics transported the victim to the state police barracks in Bourne, where a MedFlight helicopter landed and then flew him to the Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.

The woman whom police found assisting the victim is the former girlfriend of Mr. Nelson. They have a child who is now 5 years old.

On that evening, Mr. Nelson was caring for the child at a cottage at the residence while the woman and the victim were out together at a restaurant.

The woman told police that she believed Mr. Nelson had been drinking that evening, and that she had become concerned over the safety of her child.

Among the text messages that she told police she had received was one promising an “early funeral” to any friend she brought with her to the Shore Road residence.

She and her companion went to the address. When the man went to the door, he told police, Mr. Nelson came out of nearby bushes and repeatedly slashed him with the sword.

Mr. Nelson told police that he was defending his child, who was sleeping inside the cottage, and that any father would have done the same.

He was arraigned Monday in Falmouth District Court, where he pleaded not guilty to charges of assault while armed with intent to murder, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (a samurai sword) causing serious bodily injury.

Enterprise reporter Lannan O’Brien contributed to this report.


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  • MysteryB4U

    People should really check all the facts. I happened to be in the courtroom that day. It was Mr. Nelson who was threatened that his ex was sending a man that he didn't know to his house to beat him and take his daughter. They did not leave a 1:35 AM...seriously! It was a bar they were leaving at 1:35 AM. The threathening text was sent to his ex but it was for the man who was going to beat him and take his sleeping daughter from him. What the heck is reporting all about if it isn't the truth. Fuming!