Repairs Continue Along Sagamore Beach

Spring may have sprung but repair of the damage done along Sagamore Beach by the mid-February blizzard, dubbed Winter Storm Nemo, and the two northeasters that followed it, was still underway this week.

Although the town has substantially completed $200,000 in reconstruction and repairs to its two parking lots, and the ramps and stairs that comprise the only public access leading down to Sagamore Beach, work is still ongoing on a beach wall in front of homes along Sagamore Road.

That work has been contracted for by the homeowners whose homes were threatened by erosion. JC Engineering has designed the revetment and Pinnacle Site Contractors are performing the work that will stabilize the properties lying between numbers 4 and 40 Sagamore Road.

After stone revetment work was done on an emergency basis to one home on that road, the other neighbors banded together to create the beach wall to protect the whole stretch of coastline in front of their homes, a spokesman for JC Engineering said.

While that is the only work being undertaken at this point, that spokesman said there may be two more homes, at the least, that need further stabilization.

Last month, selectmen granted a temporary easement to the private contractors working on the beach in front of the Sagamore Road homes that will remain in effect through May 9.

In the wake of the February storm, the first major storm of the season, the town’s conservation commission quickly put emergency certifications into place allowing work to begin without delay.

Michael E. Leitzel of Bourne’s Engineering Department said the town then quickly took steps to protect its two public access points, one at the end of Clark and Standish roads and the other at the end of Sagamore Road. At the same time, town employees said that the wall in front of one of the houses on Sagamore Road had been destroyed. They helped that homeowner ensure that work was performed immediately on that property, as well. It was that work that prompted the privately contracted neighborhood project.

Had measures not been take to protect both that land and the town’s access ways, the following two storms would have caused far greater damage, Mr. Leitzel said.

The town-owned parking lots and beach access were restored with the help of Lawrence-Lynch Corporation and Atlantic Concrete Construction.

While that work is substantially complete, the town is still putting some finishing touches on the lots and is replanting some vegetation this week, Conservation Agent Brendan C. Mullaney said.

Once work on privately-owned land is complete, Mr. Mullaney and Mr. Leitzel said, the land disturbed to provide a temporary easement across town-owned land will be repaired.

Bourne voters will be asked to take action in regard to the $200,000 that has been spent on emergency repairs to the town-owned parking and beach access ways in the Sagamore Beach area at the May 6 Special Town Meeting.



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