School Choice Seats Maxed For Bourne Middle School

Bourne Middle School has received School Choice applications from 67 students for the 2014/2015 school year from surrounding towns. The school only has 59 approved School Choice spots and has generated a waiting list for the remaining eight applicants.

Superintendent of Bourne Public Schools Steven M. Lamarche attributes the safe and nurturing environment, as well as the established programs available, as the reasons families have opted to attend Bourne Middle School instead of a school in their own home town.

“Teachers and support staff at the middle school provide an excellent atmosphere for teaching and learning and really drive a rigorous program at the middle school. It should also be noted that families make a huge commitment when they decide to leave their own district to attend another. They must provide their own transportation to and from the school and there is a lot to think about that makes this a big decision for the family,” Mr. Lamarche said.


Class size is not compromised because of the additional students. A range of 20 to 25 students per class is the goal depending on certain variables.

“We determine class size on the needs of students, the mix of students, and on the background and experience of the teachers on the team. This allows us to place the School Choice students as we see fit, and keep the class sizes appropriate,” said Melissa L. Stafford, principal of Bourne Middle School.

The stated mission of the middle school is “to foster academic excellence, social maturation, and individual potential within each student.”


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