Sheriff: Suspect Hid Cocaine, Heroin Inside Herself

An X-ray search of a criminal suspect taken to the Barnstable County Correctional Facility revealed she had secreted drugs believed to be cocaine and heroin inside her person, according to Barnstable County Sheriff James M. Cummings.

On Tuesday evening, June 10, according to Sheriff Cummings, Michelle Hayduk, 25, was held on a case at Barnstable District Court after failing to make $5,000 bail. Deputies proceeded to transport her to the correctional facility.

The sheriff’s office subsequently received information from the Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office that Ms. Hayduk may have secreted drugs within her body.


Deputy sheriffs from the Special Operations Unit interviewed Ms. Hayduk, who denied having any drugs but agreed to an X-ray.

An X-ray was taken at the correctional facility and revealed a foreign object in Ms. Hayduk’s vaginal cavity.

Upon viewing the X-ray, Sheriff Cummings said, Ms. Hayduk admitted to holding the drugs. He said she produced a baggie containing 18 gram-size baggies, some containing a white and some containing a brown powder believed by investigators to heroin and cocaine, respectively.

Following the discovery, authorities plan to charge Ms. Hayduk in Falmouth District Court with narcotics violations.


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