Thumbs Up For Bournedale Schoolhouse

Repair work will resume on the historic Bournedale Schoolhouse.ENTERPRISE FILE PHOTOGRAPH - Repair work will resume on the historic Bournedale Schoolhouse.

Repairs to the cupola and the windows of the 107-year-old Bournedale Schoolhouse can proceed without the Cape Cod Commission weighing in on the project.

This week, the Bourne Historic Commission voted that the planned work was considered non-substantial repairs, and could proceed without further ado.

Residents approved $100,000 in Community Preservation Act funds for restoration of the old schoolhouse at Town Meeting in May.

Because the building is on the National Register of Historic Places the commission was charged with determining whether a proposed renovation of the building “constitutes a ‘substantial alteration’ as defined within the


Enabling regulations of the Code of the Cape Cod Commission.”

If the work had been deemed substantial, the project would have been referred to the Cape Cod Commission for review.

The historic commission outlined its approval of the project in a letter to town planner Coreen V. Moore and director of public works and facilities, Jonathan R. Nelson.

“At a public hearing held on Tuesday, August 26,  the Bourne Historical Commission voted unanimously to approve the following motion:

“Move a finding that the restoration proposed for the Bournedale Schoolhouse and carried out though a C.P.A. grant, does not jeopardize the historic structure’s individual eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Buildings, or its status as a contributing structure in a National Register of Historic Districts, if applicable.

“The restoration consists of replacement of siding and underlay sheathing of the schoolhouse in a manner keeping with the previous siding of the structure. The painting will also be in keeping with the restoration and preservation of the structure. There is no substantive change or alteration to the structure,” wrote Judith A. Riordan, chairman of the Bourne Historical Commission.

Work had already started on the structure before Ms. Moore discovered the loophole that required the historic commission’s vote. Work was stopped until the vote could be taken and it will now resume.


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