Upper Cape Tech School Scraps Its Wind Turbine

Upper Cape Tech wind turbine.ENTERPRISE FILE PHOTO - Upper Cape Tech wind turbine.

The wind turbine at Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical High School in Bourne has been taken down and sold for scrap.

School superintendent Robert A. Dutch said this morning that the small, 10-kilowatt turbine, initially installed about eight years ago, has been beset by mechanical trouble in the past two to three years. The turbine has operated infrequently in that period.


Mr. Dutch said he determined that the effort and expense of continually repairing the machine was not worth it, given that the machine was not functioning as a training aid and the small amount of electricity it generated.

Further, Upper Cape Tech now is concentrating on teaching its students about solar power.

The superintendent said taking down the turbine cost $2,200, although the school was able to recoup $1,200 of that by selling the turbine tower for scrap metal.


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