Academy Drive To Close This Weekend April 27, 2014

Residents are reminded that Academy Drive will be closed from 5 PM this Sunday April 27 until 5 PM the following day. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation and Massachusetts Coastal Railroad plan to upgrade the road surface going over the railroad tracks at Academy Drive. The project includes replacing the gates currently in place at the railroad crossing.


Traffic will be detoured through the adjacent Bourne Marina parking lot. A temporary ramp allowing vehicles to cross over the tracks will be built 75 feet north of the railroad crossway.

Starting early Sunday morning, crews will dismantle and excavate the track approaches and build a new track panel for the crossway. At 5 PM on Sunday, Academy Drive will be closed and drivers will have to use the temporary ramp for access in and out of Taylor’s Point and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Overnight, work crews will remove the existing crossing, excavate a new roadbed, install the new panel, re-lay the tracks and install the new gates.

The road will be repaved between 8 AM and noon on Monday, and Academy Drive will open to traffic as of 5 o’clock that afternoon.

A Bourne police detail will be at the work site.


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