All Falmouth Liquor Stores To Participate In Project Sticker Shock

Falmouth Prevention Partnership will hold its sixth Project Sticker Shock campaign to help reduce underage drinking.

Dozens of volunteers will spend their morning on June 21 at 18 Falmouth liquor stores placing 10,000 stickers on wine and beer bags and putting up posters. The stickers and posters have a common message: “Parents who host lose the most: Don’t be a party to teenage drinking.”

The objective is to encourage customers not to purchase alcohol for minors, and to remind them that it is illegal to do so. It also reminds parents not to host parties where alcohol is available to underage youth—especially during celebratory times such as graduation, 4th of July, and during the summer months. This is the second year that every liquor store in Falmouth will be participating.

Project Sticker Shock is a national campaign aimed at reducing underage drinking by limiting youth access to alcohol.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the event should contact Kit O’Connor, Falmouth Prevention Partnership, at 508-540-2317 or


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