Cape Leaders Feted For Support In Breast Cancer Prevention

Silent Spring Institute will celebrate its 20 years of breast cancer research at a special event on Thursday, May 15. It will honor the Silent Spring founders and legislators from  Cape Cod who have contributed to Silent Spring’s research success, especially in light of the high incidence of breast cancer on the Cape.


The event will be from 5 to 8 PM at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth, 840 Sandwich Road, East Falmouth, and the keynote address will be given by Julia Brody, PhD, senior scientist and executive director of the Silent Spring Institute, who will talk on “Environmental Influences and Breast Cancer: What Do We Know, and What Do We Need to Know to Act?”

Hosting the event are Matt Pitta, managing editor of and morning anchorman on WXTK Radio, and Cheryl Osimo, executive director of Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition and co-founder of the Silent Spring Institute. There will also be a panel discussion.

Reservations may be made to or at 617-332-4288. 


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