Falmouth Radio Amateurs Prepare For Field Day

Every year during the last full weekend in June, amateur radio operators around the US and Canada prepare for Amateur Radio Field Day, a weekend long event that tests radio operating skills under adverse operating and weather conditions. Last year, more than 30,000 amateurs (“hams”) participated in field day in North America and in Caribbean countries.

The Falmouth Amateur Radio Association (FARA) has been a field day participant since the 1930s. In the morning on June 27, club members will begin to put up their station at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds parking area at the corner of Route 151 and Currier Road. Tents for operating positions will be set up, as will military surplus towers with beam antennas capable of sending and receiving signals across the country. Food for participants will be cooked by volunteers on site, and power is provided by portable propane generators. Actual operations begin at 2 PM on Saturday afternoon, June 28,  go through the night and conclude Sunday afternoon, June 29. Over 40 amateurs are expected to participate in Falmouth.

Last year, the Falmouth Amateur Radio Association placed eighth nationwide in its category of 408 participants, coming in first in Massachusetts and second in New England in the 2A category.

The club will have stations operating phone (voice), CW/Morse code, VHF/UHF communications and will also have a “Get On The Air” station available for visitors who would like to actually get on the air and make a contact, under the supervision of a club member.

The club welcomes visitors at the field day site after 2 PM on Saturday, June 28, and also on Sunday, June 29,  after 9 AM. Anyone interested in amateur radio communications is welcome, and information about becoming a radio amateur will be available.


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