Sailing Skills And Seamanship Course

The Woods Hole Flotilla of the Coast Guard Auxiliary will be offering a 10-week course on Sailing Skills and Seamanship (SS&S), beginning Wednesday, September 10. The course will meet weekly from 7 to 9 PM through Wednesday, November 12, at Falmouth High School, 874 Gifford Street, Falmouth. Designed for recreational boaters ages 12 and up, the SS&S course is approved by the Massachusetts Environmental Police. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, 12- to 15-year-olds are eligible to apply for licensure under the Massachusetts State Boating Regulations so they may legally operate a powerboat alone.

Preregistration is required for admission. More information and reservation of space in the SS&S class may be obtained by calling Donald A. Abt, public education officer at 508-548-3307. Although the instruction is free, there is a $60 fee to cover the textbooks and materials used in the course.


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