The 2014 Upper Cape Graduates From Sturgis East

Sturgis Charter Public School East held its graduation May 31 at Aselton Park in Hyannis. Fifteen minutes prior to the ceremony, a procession of Sturgis faculty and seniors were led by bagpipers from Sturgis East down Main Street through Hyannis Village Green to Aselton Park.

Among the Class of 2014 are the following Upper Cape students:

Skylar Beauregard
Anna Braley
Benjamin Brown
Amelia Buckner
Augusta Davis
Brittany Gayton
Grace Jose
Victoria Maxwell
Erin McPherson
Olivia Milsted
Samuel Most
Lillian Randall
April Schaefer
Alexander Smith
Delton Toney
Gwendolyn Walsh

Connor Antonellis
Lucas Brown
Robert Fogarty
Jonathan Greve
Monique Legault.

Kaleigh Fallon
Jack Goldstein
Mackenzie Greene
Audrey Petersen
James Petersen
Cadance Simmons
Kameko Simpson
Dylan Steven
Gregory Watts
Teresa Willander

Owen Bescherer
John Bondarek
Ian Brothers
Jonathan Bruce
Joseph Falcey
Patrick Farley
Christian Freddura
Alison Gomes
Jonathon Gomes
Charles Hibbert
Andrius Hickey
Gregory James-Herrmann
Kristen Kaczmarczyk
Hannah Mclaughlin
Connor Naples
William Putman
Austin Rindfuss
Samuel Schlesinger
Jennifer Smith
Mitchell Starr
Liam Walsh


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