Upper Cape Students Graduate From Sturgis West

Sturgis Charter Public School West held its graduation May 31 at Aselton Park in Hyannis. Fifteen minutes prior to the ceremony, a procession of Sturgis faculty and seniors were led by bagpipers from Sturgis East down Main Street through Hyannis Village Green to Aselton Park.

Among the Class of 2014 are the following Upper Cape students:

Christopher Cifello
Kailee Freedholm
Lena Herbst
Kelly Stuck
Tobias Way
China Weare

Mackenzie Michaud
Bernadette Palmer
Michelle Rogers
Hannah Sabens
Amy Stanley
Carl Tashjian
Gemma Tracy-Burns

Jennifer Belliveau
Mia Berger
Julia Cameron
Christopher Dumont
Shannon Hart
Samuel Kooharian
Cassidy Robert

Robert Bucchianeri
Meghan Butler
Chelsea Crowley
Thomas Cunning
Tristan Ferris
Kelsey Hoffner
Nicki Kastor
Haleigh Linehan
Emily MacDonald
Connor Mahoney
Aman Marfatia
Michael Marsh
Sophie Murray
Christina Wahle


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