Voting Changes At Sandwich Schools

After discussions with school officials, the town clerk has decided to implement several major changes to the way Sandwich residents vote on Election Day. This is due to increased concerns regarding safety and access to the schools by the public.


Residents voting in Precincts One and Two, which are at the Henry T. Wing School, will again enter through the center entrance closest to the gym. Those needing handicapped access will enter through the main entrance, which is located closest to Beale Avenue and has a ramp. Voting will still occur in the main gymnasium. The school’s parking lot has been reconfigured, allowing only one-way access, entering on Water Street and exiting on Beale Avenue.

Residents voting in Precincts Three and Four, which are at the Oak Ridge School, will no longer be allowed to park in the main circle. They will be directed to the parking lot to the left of the school. The voting entrance will now be the side entrance of the building, and voting will be conducted in the gymnasium. Signage will be implemented to help facilitate this change.

Likewise, residents voting in Precincts Five and Six, which are at the Forestdale School, will also park to the left of the school and enter through the side door and vote in the gymnasium.

“These new entrances will help alleviate the concerns expressed by parents and school officials and allow us to better secure the voting area while also facilitating access for voters,” town clerk  Taylor White said.

Residents with questions regarding these changes can call the town clerk’s office at 508-888-0340 prior to Election Day.


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