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"Magic Time" @ Buzzards Play Productions

When: Fri Jun 28th
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: Buzzards Play Productions | 3065 Cranberry Highway | Wareham

Magic Time shows a troupe of actors in a makeshift dressing room, preparing to give their last summer performance of Hamlet. Cleverly, the backstage relationships mirror the onstage ones. Larry (Laertes) resents David (Hamlet) since he feels he should have that role. Also, he is secretly in love with Laurie (Ophelia), who is living with David and trying to get him to be honest with her about his feelings. There's a Horatio who has a career in TV commercials, a Polonius who gave up acting to have a family and teach but has second thoughts, and a Gertrude and Claudius who are married. This engaging backstage comedy allows the audience a glimpse of the dedication, passion, and fire between actors, characters, and the play itself before the curtain goes up; the clashes and convergences revealing the magic that happens throughout the theatrical process: in rehearsals, on stage and behind the scenes.

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