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"Scapino" @ Falmouth High School

When: Sun Nov 18th
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Where: Falmouth High School | 874 Gifford Street | Falmouth


Falmouth High School will present "Scapino," a one-act comedy set in Italy to be performed by students in an extracurricular drama club on Friday and Saturday at 7 PM and Sunday at 2 PM at the Falmouth High School Auditorium.
"Scapino" was written by Frank Dunlop and Jime Dale, and a one-act version, which the high school will perform, was written by Noyce Burleson. It is set at a café in Naples. 
Two young men, Ottavio and Leandro, have each fallen in love with a girl of their choosing. But, sadly, their mothers wish them to marry other girls. Scapino and his side-kick, Sylvestro, who are both servants to the young men, must trick the mothers into allowing the young men to marry the girls they love. 
The play's humor comes from commedia dell'arte, an Italian comedy form created in the 16th century. The play focuses on physical humor and fast-paced language, a signature style from the Italian tradition.
The play, says co-director and FHS English teacher Barbara Stephens, is a tried and true high school production. "It is meant to be a little absurd," she says. Artistic license is suggested while producing the play, she says, and the high school's rendition is no exception with promise for silly antics and surprises for the audience throughout. 
Starring in the play are high school students that include senior Sasha Gonye as Scapino; senior Tom Moakley as Sylvestro; sophomore Maurice Soque as Ottavio; sophomore Daniel Morrison as Leandro; junior Eliza Monty as Argante; junior Molly Lemay as Geronte; senior Alexa Panepinto as Zerbinetta; sophomore Victoria Hill as Giacinta; and sophomore Olivia Beaton as Nurse. Waiters and waitresses are played by junior Eddie Kenney, freshman Bria Monteiro, and junior Lennie Rathke.
The set, with an Italian countryside of villas as the backdrop, features a restaurant style scene and a café wall off to the side of the stage, built by woodworking students in James Brooks’ woodshop class at the high school. 
The Falmouth Theater Guild helped supply the production with props and parts for the set.
Ms. Stephens, a performer in community theater productions including the Woods Hole Theater Company and the Falmouth Theatre Guild, has directed productions in the past at Falmouth High School, including the senior productions of "MASH" in 1993 and "Sting" in 1994.
Co-directing the production is Joanne Palmer.
Joyce Buck, a retired FHS math teacher, volunteered for the production, providing costumes for the play, which Ms. Stephens says are very glamorous.  

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