Fit and Happy: 5 simple ways to turn your setback into a comeback!

Meredith Nixon - Meredith Nixon

Injuries or illness are the easiest ways to derail your fitness goals.  We often find ourselves discouraged and have difficulty getting our momentum back. Although challenging, these setbacks shouldn't be permanent ones.  You need to accept the past, in order to move toward future greatness by making the decision to pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

First of course, you are going to need a plan of attack. Follow these 5 simple steps to get yourself back on track and regain the strength you need to hit the gym even harder than before!

Tip 1 Gain Perspective
Ditch the poor me attitude and break free from self-pity. No one can help if you're the one holding yourself back.  Reaching your fitness goals are not insurmountable. Start small, one step at a time. Try doing one thing each day that will bring you closer to your ideal fitness. The key to breaking free is seeing the bigger picture and breaking it down piece by piece.

Tip 2 Choose To Work Past It
Attitude is a choice. You can either choose to dwell on an injury/illness and let it become part of your identity, or you can treat it as a mere setback—and let your triumph over that setback become part of your identity instead. The true strength of one’s character is overcoming challenges that almost anyone would understand if you couldn’t. Remember, the past was the past, celebrate the new opportunities that lay before you.

Tip 3 Stop Saying "I Can't"
Take "Can't" right out of your vocabulary. One of my favorite quotes is an old one by Henry Ford that says: "Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." In the end, it's all about choice. Make the choice to embrace the challenge and change the things you can and accept the things you can’t by finding new ways (when possible) that work.

Tip 4 Set a New Goal
Setting a goal helps you to have a good reason to get up and get motivated. Again, I always say start small. Achieve one small goal each day that will motivate you to your next. Don’t be discouraged if your goal is not as grand as it may have been pre injury/illness. Again, the past is the past; post injury/illness is about redefining yourself and your goals. As I call it, I’m finding my “new normal”. If you find a good-enough reason, you'll be committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve it.

Tip 5 Formulate a Plan
Create a new plan for yourself. Instead of being discouraged that you couldn't follow the same exact plan you were following before your injury/illness, re-evaluate. This may require help depending on what you’re recovering from. Don’t hesitate to ask friends, doctors or professional guidance when you’re ready to begin.

Life happens, and sometimes all you do is adjust. Nobody wants to suffer an injury or an illness. However, you may find that these temporary setbacks have a strange way of showing us what we're made of. Take the right approach, and you'll emerge a “More Fit & Happier” person!


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