Bobcat Seen in North Falmouth Might Be Same as One Videotaped in August

A bobcat was spotted last Wednesday night in North Falmouth in the same area as one that had been seen in August this year.

Jill A. Spencer of Trickett Street, North Falmouth, said that a neighbor, Nat Hembree, Teneycke Hill Road, North Falmouth, saw the bobcat and chased it away from her cat.

Christopher F. LeBoeuf of North Falmouth produced live footage of a bobcat at his home, which is also on Teneycke Hill Road, in August, the first time a bobcat has been caught on video on Cape Cod.

Abutting Teneycke Hill Road is an undeveloped and wooded parcel.

Ms. Spencer said that she did not see the bobcat but heard it, a sound she had never heard before. “It was definitely a wild sound,” she said, something she thought sounded similar to a bird or a fox in distress.

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Sighting of Bobcat Confirmed (August 2013)

R. Charles Martinsen III, deputy director for the department of marine and environmental services, said he has received two reports of bobcat sightings since the video footage surfaced in August, both in the same area. The latest came six weeks ago.


Mr. Martinsen said that after the November hunting season is over, he will begin more tracking of the bobcat. The snow will help in the process to confirm the bobcat’s presence with its footprints, he said, and he will also set up cameras to try and make video confirmation.

Asked if he thought there could be more than one bobcat living in the area, he said he could not make assumptions on the evidence they had. First-hand accounts, especially audio and video, are welcome at the marine and environmental services department.

Mr. Martinsen said the call of a bobcat is not to be confused with a fisher cat, which produces a high-pitched sound, he said. A bobcat’s call is less of a high-pitched sound, but similar, like an animal in distress.


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