Emmy Season a Home Run for Falmouth's JD Lindberg

Falmouth native JD Lindberg came home this week to show his parents his Emmy Award for work on MLB Tonight.RICH MACLONE/ENTERPRISE - Falmouth native JD Lindberg came home this week to show his parents his Emmy Award for work on MLB Tonight.

A statue of a winged woman, holding an atom, sits on a small table at Coffee Obsession and heads turn every time it crosses a patron’s peripheral vision.

“Is that real?” Falmouth native JD Lindberg is asked more than anything else.

The statue, an Emmy Award given by the Television Academy for excellence in a variety of different efforts, is indeed real. On the bottom of the statue is inscribed Lindberg’s name. It’s his, and it is the crowning achievement of a young career that very well could have more of the beautiful gold statues perched on a mantle next to it someday.

His work on the Major League Baseball Network’s “MLB Tonight,” as an associate producer earned him the award, which every employee of the show was bestowed. “MLB Tonight” won in the sports category for Outstanding Studio Show-Daily, edging out such heavyweights as ESPN’s “SportsCenter” and the NFL Network’s “Total Access.”

“I guess I need to get a mantel first,” he jokes.

There’s not much room for the statue right now in his home in Hasbrouck, New Jersey. Lindberg lives in a studio apartment that’s about a 25-minute ride from the MLB Network studios in Secaucus, New Jersey. “Now I have a reason to lock my door,” he quipped.

Lindberg appreciates and understands what it’s like to be on a good team. He’s got the trophy to prove it.

Lindberg is a 2005 Falmouth High School graduate, who played varsity football and basketball for the Clippers. He also played junior varsity baseball, but gave up that sport after his sophomore year because of a shoulder injury that left him with a “noodle arm.”

He went on to graduate from Stonehill College four years later. During that time he worked as a intern in The Enterprise’s sports department. From there he served on the grounds crew at Fenway Park before getting a job as a game logger at MLB Productions, which led to his current position. Eventually, he said, his goals are to be a show producer for something sports-related.

Remains Humble Despite Recognition

He’s the first to downplay any glory or glamour regarding his current gig. “Basically, I’m an editor,” he explained. “I’m assigned one or two games per night, and I watch those games and cut highlights from each one for the on-air talent to read over.”

Yes, he’s paid to watch baseball games for a living, and he gets to see some amazing baseball. He also has to sit through some boring contests on a regular basis, but overall he said he wouldn’t trade jobs with many people.

“I watch a lot of baseball, but I’ve actually become more of a baseball fan from watching it than I was before. It’s too bad that baseball isn’t as popular now as it used to be, because it’s such a great sport. I love it,” he said.

His loyalties lie, as always, with the Red Sox first, and with his former schoolmate, Steve Cishek, of the Miami Marlins.

“Not many people can say that they got a hit off of a Major League pitcher. It was in Little League, but it still counts,” he said. “Of course, he threw over the top back then, and not from the side like now, and he didn’t throw in the 90s, but still.”

Lindberg was in town Monday and Tuesday enjoying his two days off this week to catch up with his parents, Bettie and Dan, and to have a nice dinner party with the family and show off his trophy. He said that he was on his way to Somerville later on Tuesday to see his sister Christine, who works at a nonprofit company in Boston. “She’s saving the world; I’m watching baseball games,” he said.

Wednesday he’ll be back to work for his usual 6 PM to 2 AM shift at MLB Network’s New Jersey studios, watching a yet-to-be-determined game or two and hoping for amazing things to happen that can be shared with other baseball fans across the country.

He said that he’s fully enjoying the Red Sox dominance this year, and that the underdog story of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ return to glory after 20 straight losing seasons has been great to watch. He said that the team that wins it all will be the team that gets hot at the right time, and has the best bullpen. “You look at the teams that have won it recently, it’s been the teams with the best bullpens. The Cardinals two years ago, the Giants last year.”

Lindberg appreciates and understands what it’s like to be on a good team. He’s got the trophy to prove it.


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