Firefighter Injured At Gunning Point House Fire

A Falmouth firefighter was injured while he fought to extinguish a fire at a Falmouth home off Sippewissett Road on Saturday afternoon.

Falmouth Fire and Rescue Department personnel responded to a report of smoke that originated from behind a kitchen stove in a home at 67 Gunning Point Avenue. Firefighters confined damage to the kitchen and adjoining bathroom although smoke damage spread throughout the house.


Deputy Michael F. Small said that it appears the fire originated from an electrical malfunction. He said that firefighters removed a large, stainless steel stove and found a fire in the partitions of the wall. Firefighters opened the wall and extinguished the flames.

The injured firefighter, whose identity could not be released by the fire department because of the protected health information policy, was transported directly to Cape Cod Hospital for his injuries. Deputy Small said the firefighter survived the injuries but will not be able to return to work yet. A timetable for his recovery is not yet known.

Officials classified the fire as a special alarm because Falmouth personnel had responded to other ongoing incidents and the department lacked the personnel to respond with a ladder engine. Centerville firefighters responded to the scene with a ladder engine.

Firefighters were on the scene for two hours. Firefighters from Mashpee and Massachusetts Military Reservation covered the vacated Falmouth stations during the incident.

No residents of the home were injured. An electrician reported the fire when he arrived at the home. The homeowner was not present.


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