Fisherman Falls in at Ice House Pond In Falmouth

An Upton man escaped uninjured after he fell through the ice on a Falmouth pond while fishing Saturday afternoon.

Following the incident, Falmouth Fire Rescue Department issued a warning of safety. “Regardless of how cold it has been, you cannot assume that the ice is completely safe to walk on,” Acting Deputy to the Fire Chief Timothy R. Smith said. “This man was very lucky.”

Shortly after 4 PM on Saturday afternoon, emergency responders received a call from a man who thought that someone may have fallen through the ice. The man reported that he had seen fishermen earlier in the day at Ice House Pond on Sippewissett Road. He returned to the area close to 4 o’clock and saw fishing gear and a hole in the ice. The fishermen, he said, were no longer there.


The fire department responded with personnel in ice rescue suits. They confirmed that there was a hole in the ice and fishing gear nearby but no fishermen. An item with a name on it was in a bucket near the hole.

A Falmouth police officer found Erik B. Stanton, 46, from Upton who confirmed that he had fallen in. He reported that after going through the ice and into the freezing water he had initially panicked and could not get out. His friends calmed him enough so that he could hold onto the ice and pull himself out and roll away from the hole.


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