Memorial Day Holiday Overwhelms Trash Hauler

Falmouth’s trash hauler failed to pick up trash at many homes in North and West Falmouth last Saturday, and the town public works director Raymond A. Jack called it unacceptable.

“There can’t be any excuses for missing houses. They are under contractual obligation to use all needed resources to finish the job. I am very displeased,” Mr. Jack said.

Republic Services was not scheduled to collect on May 26, Memorial Day, and therefore all streetside trash collection in Falmouth was delayed by one day. Because of the domino effect, residents of West and North Falmouth were scheduled for Saturday pickup, but the company cut its route short.

Highway superintendent John T. Lyons said he spoke to a Republic Service representative who said they were short manpower that day and failed to anticipate the excessive volume of trash caused by the long holiday weekend.

Mr. Jack wrote the company a letter to “put them on notice” and inform them they need to put in writing that they will have adequate staff and trucks on hand July 4.

As of  Tuesday evening, the hauler had recovered and collected refuse and recycling from all neighborhoods after the town  gave permission for them to begin collecting at 6 AM. Trucks and crew worked through the evening to finish.

Residents called town hall and the DPW office Monday inquiring about their trash still on the curb.

“They [Republic Services] did not notify the town that they did not complete their route. We didn’t know until residents began calling,” Mr. Lyons said.

During Monday night’s board of selectmen meeting, town manager Julian M. Suso apologized for the delay and said the schedule will resume as normal by Wednesday, which it did.

“It should not come as a surprise to them that there would be more people in town during the long weekend. We have the same holidays each year,” Mr. Lyons said. The waste removal company has been collecting Falmouth’s trash for five years.

The last time trash removal was delayed was this past winter during a major snowstorm, and Mr. Lyons said it was unavoidable and best that their trucks were not on the road while the town was removing snow and ice. 


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  • ccfishgirl

    For the record, many homes in East Falmouth as well went without trash pickup last week and several of us called and complained as well. Our trash sat on the road from Friday, through the entire weekend, through the following week, just in case pickup was rescheduled. A simple phone call to residents would have been appreciated.
  • Kitzi Dewey

    In general Republic Services does a good job, but they do get overwhelmed at times. Thursday is my recycling pickup and the June 5th pickup didn't happen till Friday. I live in Mashpee and have to pay for curbside pickup, so be grateful you have a pickup at all.