New Parking Rules For Falmouth Town Hall Square

Falmouth Board of Selectmen Monday night approved a plan to free up nine parking spots for public parking and restrict use of current spaces in Town Hall Square. An additional eight spaces are slated to be created in the square later this year.

“These modest adjustments combined with more signage will have a positive impact on parking. We want to provide a higher level of service for residents and town employees,” town manager Julian M. Suso said. The changes will go into effect by summer.

The board approved an overnight parking ban in the square from 1 AM to 6 AM. Some visitors bound for Martha’s Vineyard park overnight in the square, Mr. Suso said, often for multiple days, to avoid paying the Steamship Authority’s daily parking fee of $10 to $13 a day.


“We plan on enforcing this ban with police patrols,” Mr. Suso said. He added that patrols won’t begin until 2 AM to accommodate restaurant employees who work late.

The 26 parking spaces in front of Falmouth Town Hall will be restricted to town hall business only and one parking spot designated for veteran use only will be added to the rear of town hall.

Selectman Douglas H. Jones suggested adding a time limit to the business-only spaces, but Mr. Suso said he did not want to tie up police manpower enforcing the new restriction.

“I think voluntary compliance will go a long way,” he said.

Town hall official vehicles will now be able to park in nine newly available spaces on the corner of Chancery Lane and Walker Street, freeing up their current spots for public use.

“This is a very good start. We’ll see how it works,” selectman Mary (Pat) Flynn said.


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  • Dufresne,b

    Once again decision by trialling and error , this one by the man who has held an extensive and comprehensive study of space needs of town hall and a policy board that only wants to meet every other week. Just think , this study has been two years in the making?????