Promoting Good Citizenship in Falmouth Schools

How do Falmouth students experience civics education and learn about civic engagement?  What parts do the academic curriculum and experiential learning play in promoting good citizenship?  The League of Women Voters of Falmouth will present a public forum on Wednesday, April 16, at 7:30 PM in the Hermann Foundation Room of the Falmouth Public Library that will address these questions.


Concerned that nationally a large percentage of younger Americans, ages 18 to 25, do not vote, the local study committee of the Falmouth League of Women Voters set about to discover what Falmouth students learn about civic responsibility. Superintendent of Schools Bonnie Gifford and Mark Wilson, Falmouth curriculum coordinator, and many other Falmouth educators have spent time helping the league promote awareness and understanding of their work through this forum.

Marian Lans, head of the history department for Falmouth public school grades 7 through 12, will speak about the civic education framework; Falmouth High School faculty members Michael Feeney, Joanne Holcomb and Cheryl Milliken will describe curricular and experiential offerings, and East Falmouth School 1st grade teacher Taryn Dean will talk about the programs in which her students participate. 

Several former and current Falmouth High School students will talk about their own civic education and present a comparative then-and-now view. Thomas Moakley, FHS graduate and currently a student at Georgetown University, has submitted a video about the importance of participation in government that will be shown at the forum.

Falmouth Town Clerk Michael Palmer and State Representative and Town Meeting moderator David Vieira will also speak. The forum will conclude with time for the public to address questions to  all the participants.   


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