Prospects Improve For Falmouth Fireworks Committee

After a flood of pledges and donations, the 34th annual Fourth of July fireworks in Falmouth now appear likely to go off, but organizers still remain uncertain.

“We are very optimistic,” said Arthur R. Ratsy, a longtime member of the Falmouth Fireworks Committee. “We see success on the horizon, but we’re not there yet. We’ve had an enormous amount of pledges, checks and phone calls.”


On the wings of this public support the committee decided to push their decision back another week. They continue to seek payment from the public.

On Thursday, May 1, members of the committee announced that the Fourth of July fireworks in Falmouth would likely be canceled, due to a lack of funds.

They asked for a donation of $5,000 for base funds for the show before the end of this week.

Mr. Ratsy and committee chairman Joseph (Dutch) Drolette Jr. said that some businessowners told them they would pledge a significant amount of money after the announcement, but needed a week to promise the payment.

“We don’t have the checks yet, so I don’t want to say a number but success is on the horizon,” Mr. Ratsy said. Mr. Ratsy declined to give the businessowners’ names.

Committee members are also waiting for checks promised by individuals to arrive in their Falmouth mailbox before making a final decision.

They will accept checks in the mail to be sent to Falmouth Fireworks, PO Box 500, zip code 02541. The checks will only be cashed if the fireworks happen, Mr. Drolette said. Donations can also be made at

The show is entirely donation-based, though the town donates time for DPW workers, police and firefighter detail.

In addition to local support, Mr. Drolette said that he and Mr. Ratsy have received phone calls from Texas, North Carolina, and Rhode Island since the news broke on Friday. He received about four phone calls early Friday morning when news of the need first hit.

Some of the local stories of donations have inspired the committee to keep the tradition alive.

Dario Palanza, a 5th grader at the Morse Pond School, broke into his bank account and donated $20. Dario is the son of Matthew J. and Meghan D. Palanza of Parker Road, East Falmouth.

One woman, a Falmouth High School graduate, told committee members that she would try to get her entire class to donate. Another woman offered to solicit her neighborhood.

Mr. Drolette said he is hoping the business community reaches out, especially businesses that have not done so in the past.

If the show happens this year, Mr. Drolette said that they will name the show the Star-Spangled Spectacular. It is the 200th anniversary of the national anthem.

“Atlas PyroVision, which puts on the fireworks, is planning something a little extra special this year,” Mr. Drolette said.


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