Samuel Patterson & Susan Moran Elected To Falmouth Board Of Selectmen

Falmouth voters elected Samuel H. Patterson and Susan Lynn Moran to the board of selectmen Tuesday, May 20.

In the six-way race for two available selectman seats, Ms. Moran and Mr. Patterson received 3,565 and 3,305 votes respectively, outdistancing Marc P. Finneran who garnered 2,600 votes. David Braga received 1,782 votes; Rebecca A. Putnam received 1,488 votes and Bertha C. Manson received 241 votes.

“I’m amazed and grateful. It hasn’t sunk in yet,” Ms. Moran said about her win. She said she is ready to learn the ropes and is excited to work for the town.


“There’s a great foundation to work with. It’s a matter of putting the right people together, and the town did that tonight,” she said.

Mr. Patterson said he is feeling optimistic and his first agenda item is to form working relationships with the town manager and other selectmen.

“It’s important to build consensus to be able to tackle all the major projects that lie ahead,” he said.

In the only other contested race, Otis M. Porter and Lindsay M. Hopewood were elected to the library board of trustees with 3,968 and 3,695 votes respectively. Mary Patricia Barry garnered 2,974 votes.

As for the three ballot questions, voters approved questions 1 and 2 and turned down question 3.

Question 1 passed 3,916 to 3,319, and now the town can begin the $49.8 million comprehensive wastewater management plan, including widening the inlet to Bournes Pond, installing sewers to houses surrounding Little Pond, upgrading the wastewater treatment plant, and making improvements to the sewer mains in Woods Hole.

“These are giant projects and there’s a lot of work ahead of us. Sewering is not the answer to all parts of Falmouth and we’ll try out the alternatives and see how they work,” water quality management committee chairman Eric T. Turkington said.

Question 2, building a $46.5 million water treatment/filtration plant, passed 4,701 to 2,510.

Question 3 asked voters to spend $1.6 million to build an artificial turf field athletic field and was rejected 4,911 to 2,357.

Town clerk Michael C. Palmer said voter turnout was 30.5 percent. The new selectmen will be sworn in on Memorial Day.


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  • PaulRifkin

    Good Golly! Woke up this morning to see that reason and good will prevailed. Susan Moran is a breath of lovely and gracious fresh air for the town. Paul Rifkin
  • fborgxx

    What happened to the $41 million. Now its $50 million. As usual people putting homeowners into bankruptcy so they can feel good about a project that is never going to make these bays clean. Selectmen lied to howeowners about the water guality. I have looked at water quality for years and it is up and down. They know it too. It gives them a chance to give a big project away. Remember the box of pizza remark regarding the turbines? They are quick learners these selectmen. They didn't care one bit when they set the rate at 70%. I would like to know if there is one that lives in the affected areas. In the end each homeowner is going to pay over $30,000 and quarterly bills for this big joke. In the end its going to turn into an outrage as people leave this area. Maybe we can turn some of the houses that are going to up for sale into low income housing.