Three Arrested For Heroin Possession In Falmouth

Patrolman Melissa M. Martin, dressed in civilian clothes, at approximately 10:45 attempted to cross the road on a crosswalk at the intersection of Corte Real Avenue and East Falmouth Highway. A green Volkswagen sedan failed to stop and Patrolman William G. Kosky, who was parked in the St. Anthony’s Catholic Church down the road, turned on his emergency lights, pulled the operator of the vehicle over and discovered the driver had a suspended license.


Ptl. Kosky recognized the driver and two others in the back seat as habitual narcotics users, court documents stated. The officers searched the car and found heroin and heroin paraphernalia.

Police arrested Ryan W. Marks, 24, Cahoon Court, Falmouth, for operation of a motor vehicle with a suspended license and for being present where heroin is kept; Shanna M. Rowitz, 35, Gifford Street, Falmouth, for possession of heroin; and Samantha M. Teed, 21, Palmer Avenue, Falmouth, for possession of heroin.

A police officer not on the scene was later stuck with a needle during a prisoner exchange.

“We are using precautions to make sure he gets the appropriate treatment,” Captain Brian L. Reid said. “It’s a danger we are all aware of and, no matter how safe we are, that risk is always there.”

Police could not release more information in regards to the officer’s health.


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