Todd Reine Likely Target For DA Investigation

Although no suspects were announced, District Attorney Michael O’Keefe said the commonwealth will continue to investigate who orchestrated the murder of Shirley M. Reine.

“The theory is that Rams was the alleged trigger man and someone else set this murder up,” Mr. O’Keefe said. When sufficient evidence is gathered, he said they would bring an indictment. His remarks came following the jury's verdict Wednesday to declare John Rams Jr. not guilty of the murder of Shirley M. Reine.

Throughout the trial of Mr. Rams, both the prosecution and defense suggested that Todd M. Reine orchestrated the murder.

“This was a murder for hire. A planned, thought-out execution of Shirley Reine,” assistant district attorney Brian A. Glenny told the jury in his closing statements during the trial.


Mr. Glenny said that Mr. Reine was upset because Ms. Reine wanted to charge rent for a home his children lived in. Ms. Reine also sold a car that Mr. Reine claimed was his and he was upset that his father made Ms. Reine the owner of the family business and benefactor of his will.

“[Todd Reine and Melvin J. Reine Jr.] brought a lawsuit against Shirley Reine. Ten days before that trial, Shirley Reine is murdered. Coincidence? I think not,” Mr. Glenny told the jury.

“The reason there is no statute of limitations on murder cases is that investigations continue,” Mr. O’Keefe said. “As you know, we have prosecuted murder cases from over 30 years. The investigation, with respect to the homicide involving Shirley Reine, will continue and people who have paid attention to the trial understand what the commonwealth’s theory has been.”

Mr. O’Keefe explained why Mr. Rams was indicted.

“Is the case against him going to get better with the passage of time or not? When the answer is no, then you have to make a decision to try that person,” Mr. O’Keefe said. “We believed it was the right thing to do to try him for the murder of Shirley Reine.”

Mr. O’Keefe thanked the prosecution team including Mr. Glenny, assistant district attorney Jennifer M. Bright, the state police troopers involved and the Falmouth Police Department, who all continue to work on the investigation.   


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