Two Men Arrested In Falmouth For Heroin Distribution

Falmouth police arrested two men on heroin distribution charges on Wednesday night, August 27, in a vacant parking lot on Worcester Court.

Arrested were James Metellus, 24, from Taunton, and Peter C. Gonsalves IV, 28, from Middleborough, both for possession to distribute a Class A drug.

Police suspected there had been drug activity at night in the parking lot behind Heritage Place in Falmouth. At 11:49 PM, Patrolman Anthony R. DeVito made a routine check of the area. He walked behind the complex and observed a black BMW with two men inside. Patrolman Ryan Moore also arrived on the scene and observed a syringe inside. Police asked the two to get out of the vehicle while they searched the car. They found a bag with a white residue in it, which they believed to be heroin. Police later measured the substance to be 14.9 grams. In addition, a scale and more plastic bags were found.


Mr. Gonsalves also had default warrants out for his arrest from the Falmouth District Court for trespassing and two for driving with a suspended license.

Patrolman Bryan C. Hazelton was also involved in the arrest.


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