Water Hazards Removed from Menauhant

Old wooden pilings that had surfaced off Menauhant Beach were yanked from the ocean floor last week by Falmouth’s Department of Public Works.

These pilings, or railings, were once covered by the sandy ocean floor, but because of  erosion from several storms in the winter of 2012, had been exposed.

“It was a swimming hazard,” said beach superintendent Donald L. Hoffer. These six- to seven-foot tall posts are thought to be either remains of a portion of Old Menauhant Road that is now underwater, or part of a decrepit bulkhead once used to mitigate erosion.


The Falmouth Conservation Commission granted the necessary permit for their removal last month.

For the last few years, the town placed warning signs on the beach and buoys near the debris to keep swimmers away, but Mr. Hoffer was concerned that people may hurt themselves at night.


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