Cape Cod Commission Approves DRI Increase

The Cape Cod Commission has approved changes to its Chapter H laws that include an increase in the threshold for  Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) for businesses in designated areas.

The changes, which were approved at a commission meeting on Thursday, May 8, increase the threshold from 10,000 to 40,000 square feet for research and development and light manufacturing uses in areas of the Sandwich Industrial Park, Edgerton Drive in North Falmouth and in the Falmouth Technology Park, and Jonathan Bourne Drive in Bourne.


Questions were raised at a previous hearing on Wednesday, April 30, regarding the potential for inclusion of businesses outside of the designated areas under the new laws, but chief regulatory officer Jonathon D. Idman explained that the designated areas were chosen based on a regional marketing assessment that was completed by the commission; they were not intended to include all businesses or towns.

“But that isn’t to say that the commission can’t think about expanding its footprints at a later time,” Mr. Idman said.


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