Harlem Wizards Game Will Raise Funds For Mashpee Therapeutic Playground

The Harlem Wizards will play at Mashpee High School on Friday, May 2, with a combination of basketball and laughter to raise funds for the construction of the Kenneth C. Coombs School’s therapeutic playground.

All are invited to attend the face-off between the Wizards, a comedic basketball team that has played in fundraiser events across the country for over 50 years, and a team of Mashpee students, school staff and faculty. On the court, attendees can expect to see superintendent Brian A. Hyde; KC Coombs assistant principal Wendy M. Lithwin; school resource officer William J. Cuozzo; district media arts teacher Arthur Joia; 4th grade teacher Kimberly Zocco; high school science teacher James Criasia; kindergarten teacher Timothy Souza; middle school language arts teacher Brian Allen; high school physical education teacher Wayne MacDonald; Mashpee alumnus David William; 8th grader Michael Barrows; 12th grader Morgen Morris; 11th grader Shawn Hendricks; and 10th grader William McNamara.


That day, Wizards players will visit the KC Coombs School to play with students at recess. All students will have the opportunity to meet the players and purchase souvenirs after the game.

If the game sells out, district physical therapist and playground committee member Melissa A. Hallett said, the school can raise $5,000 for the playground.

“But if we could just get the whole community together at one event, I would be happy,” she said.

Hopefully, she said, Mashpee residents will vote in favor of principal Elaine M. Pender’s $100,000 funding request for the playground at the Town Meeting on May 5. In addition to the Wizards game, the committee has held several events over the years to raise the remaining $60,000 needed for the playground’s installation.

Tickets are available ($12 for adults and $10 for students) on the Harlem Wizards’ website (www.harlemwizards.com/schedules/) until 24 hours before the game, or for $2 more each at the door the day of the event. Doors will open at 6:15 PM.


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