Mashpee Fire Department Responds to Kitchen Fire

Mashpee Fire Department quickly contained a kitchen fire at 7 Forest Drive shortly before 9 PM on Wednesday. 

Forest Drive is located in the northeast corner of town, near Santuit Pond.

Mashpee Fire Chief Thomas C. Rullo said that the fire began when a cast iron pan full of cooking oil was inadvertently left on a hot stove and ignited. He said that the occupants of the home were not cooking and they were not sure how the stove was turned on.


There were no injuries reported, although one of the residents of the home is elderly and wheelchair-bound.

“If the pan were left to burn for three minutes more, then we would have had a different situation. The fire had already spread to other items on the stove, including a box of cereal. The kitchen cabinets, and microwave oven were also burned,” Chief Rullo said.

The home sustained minimal smoke and water damage, but Chief Rullo said that the cost to clean up the damage could be upwards of $15,000.

Chief Rullo, who was sworn in just a week ago, is adamant that the community learn something about fire safety from each incident that occurs in town. This fire was no exception.

“One of my most important rules is to never leave anything on or around a stove that could catch fire. Obviously, you should never leave a stove unattended when it is turned on, but people think that it is okay to place items on a cold stove, such as a bag of groceries. It is a bad habit to get into,” he said.


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