Mashpee Police Logs July 24 - 29, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

10:45 AM: Police received a report that a diagnostic tool valued at $6,800 was stolen from Preventive Maintenance, an auto-mechanic shop on Industrial Drive. Police took prints and photographs. At 2:30 PM, an employee of the garage reported that the computer had been returned and placed on the hood of a car. Officer Adam Sassone responded to the incident. No arrests were made.

1:36 PM: A woman reported that her medication was stolen from her residence on Saddleback Road. She said her medication was oxycodone and morphine sulfate tablets.

9:20 PM: Detective David Mackiewicz arrested Phillip Marks, 18, of Mashpee on a warrant from Barnstable District Court for assault and battery. The detective found Mr. Marks on Park Place Way and arrested him without issue.


Friday, July 25, 2014

8:04 AM: Officer Kristopher Threlkeld gave Kelly DeSouza, 38, of West Yarmouth a criminal application for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle after he pulled her over on Great Neck Road South.

9:49 AM: An employee of the Mashpee Shell Station on Route 151 reported that a driver of a truck left without paying. The issue was later resolved when the landscaping company that owned the truck paid for the gas.

10:47 AM: A resident of Rock Landing Road reported that his golf clubs, valued at $2,500, were stolen from his unlocked car. Officer Ryan Nardone responded to the incident.

11:57 AM: Officer Kristopher Threlkeld responded to the report of a larceny from a vehicle at Lakeside Trailer Park. A woman reported that her black fanny pack, $35 in cash, and oxycodone medication were stolen from her unlocked car.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

7:26 PM: Officer Adam Sassone pulled over a vehicle on Lowell Road and arrested Jacob M. Ewald, 19, of East Falmouth on a warrant from Barnstable District Court for traffic violations. Officer Sassone also charged him with operating a vehicle with a revoked registration and an uninsured vehicle.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

3:33 AM: Police arrested Candace S. Sinins, 31, of Mashpee after they found her stumbling  and visibly intoxicated on Route 151. She was in possession of a Suboxone patch and one Suboxone pill. Police arrested her on two charges for possession of a Class A drug.

5:15 AM: Police arrested Jeffrey P. Laport, 30, of Mashpee for a probation violation. His probation came from charges of possession of child pornography, rape of a child, and indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. Police reported that he was arrested without issue.

1:34 PM: A resident of Lakeside Trailer Park reported that it appeared her trailer was broken-into. She reported that her oxycodone medication valued at $600 and a laptop valued at $700 were missing. Officer William Cuozzo responded to the call.

5:02 PM: Police wrote Sandra G. Underwood, 61, of Medford a criminal application for the operation of a vehicle with a suspended license during a traffic stop on the Mashpee Rotary.

Monday, July 28, 2014

8:27 AM: Officer Kristopher Threlkeld wrote Jesse J. White, 31, of Sandwich a criminal application for the operation of an uninsured motor vehicle and operation with a revoked registration while at a traffic stop on Great Neck Road South.

12:09 PM: Police arrested Tyrone D. Lowe, 30, of Mashpee on a warrant from Barnstable The warrant was for assault to murder. Mashpee police said the incident occurred in Barnstable and that they were unaware of the details of the charges. The arrest took place at a traffic stop on Old Barnstable Road without issue. Mr. Lowe was a passenger in the car.

2:11 PM: Officer Kristopher Threlkeld wrote a criminal citation to Vanderlei Batista, 50, of Hyannis for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle while at a traffic stop at Great Neck South Road. Police reported that he identified himself with a passport and a Brazilian license but did not have a valid license from the US. They also reported that he was stopped in 2012 by Mashpee police and Barnstable police in 2013 for the same offense.

4:50 PM: Police responded to the report of an assault on Owl Lane. They reported that one man was unconscious on the house floor when they arrived and had lacerations on his head. Several witnesses did not cooperate with police and gave conflicting stories about how the victim had been injured. Police said that alcohol was involved at what appeared to be a house party. One witness, police said, told police, “We are not cop callers at this house,” when police inquired about the incident. Police reported that the victim was very intoxicated and he was transported to Falmouth Hospital.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

11:13 AM: Sergeant Thomas Rose wrote a criminal application to Kourtney Lebon, 22, of West Falmouth for operation of a vehicle with a suspended license. Sgt Rose pulled the Ms. Lebon over on Old Barnstable Road.

2:09 PM: Police arrested James Pechacek, 22, of Wareham for a warrant from Marlboro District Court for intimidating a witness. Officer Adam Sassone made the arrested on Falmouth Road.

6:17 PM: Officer Michael Moulis wrote a criminal application to Kyle R. Hanson, 51, of Sandwich, for the operation of motor vehicle with a revoked registration and uninsured motor vehicle. He gave the application after a traffic stop on Route 130.

6:38 PM: Officer Patrick Leahy responded to the report of a possible domestic disturbance at a residence on Woodland Avenue. Police reported that a woman, identified as Kimberly M. Levesque, 31, of Mashpee used derogatory language about the police officer and swore at him in front of her children. She was charged with disturbing the peace and for being the keeper of a noisy/disorderly house and will be summonsed to court. No arrest were made.

7:19 PM: Police wrote a criminal application to Tarsha M. Barbosa, 39, of Cataumet for operation of a vehicle with a revoked license, operation of an uninsured vehicle, and attaching plates. Officer Adam Sassone stopped her on Steeple Street.


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