Mashpee Water District Annual Meeting Adjourned Within Seven Minutes; $3.4M Budget Approved

Mashpee Water District held its annual meeting on Tuesday evening, and it lasted all of seven minutes.

In the time it takes to soft-boil an egg, the three members of the board of water commissioners—Kenneth E. Marsters, Ronald Gangemi, and F. Thomas Fudala—unanimously approved the four articles on the warrant, including a $3.4 million operating budget for Fiscal Year 2015, a .9 percent increase over the previous year.

Other articles approved include a transfer of $50,000 from available funds to a tank maintenance account to be established for eventual painting and cleaning of the district water tanks, and making a payment of $375 to Pitney Bowes for an unpaid bill.

Despite signs touting the meeting at all entry points of the Mashpee rotary, the audience consisted of two people: a reporter and the water district’s attorney.


“Seven minutes is not a record for concluding business at our annual meeting—we had one that lasted 3 1/2 minutes. It has been a particularly quiet year for the district in regards to water main projects involving betterments and procuring funds for these projects. If we had more projects going on, then there would have been more articles and more attendees from affected neighborhoods. We haven’t had any existing neighborhood water main projects in recent years,” Mashpee Water District operations manager Andrew G. Marks said.

In his annual report, Mr. Marks noted that the district expanded its customer base by 152 last year, increasing the total accounts to 9,280 as of December 31, 2013. He also reported that the town now has 1,410 fire hydrants, 169 miles of water main, and last year the district used 482 million gallons of water for customer and system maintenance.

Not discussed at the annual meeting was the recent legislation, signed by Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick, enabling Mashpee to move forward with the establishment of a joint water and sewer district.

Given the timing of the legislative approval, a question regarding the combination of the two entities will not be able to be placed on the May 17 town ballot, and will not be presented to voters until the May 2015 town election.

Mr. Marks said that a draft of the ballot question will be reviewed at the next meeting of the board of water commissioners, which is scheduled for May 20.


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