Mashpee Woman Gets Surprise Delivery from Walmart

Susan Clegg, a retired nurse from Mashpee, got the surprise of her life Monday when she received a delivery package from Walmart.

“A week before, I ordered some toys for my grandchildren from Walmart, but I had already received them. I was quite surprised when the bell rang and there was another delivery from Walmart. I thought maybe it was a gift for me,” she said.

That is when the shock set in for Ms. Clegg.

She opened the package and found 548 $50 Walmart gift cards along with a receipt for $27,400.

“My head was spinning and my heart almost stopped. I was astounded. I hadn’t ordered these gift cards and the bill was astronomical,” she said.

After calling Walmart customer service and getting nowhere through the maze of transfers and automated options, Ms. Clegg made the wise decision to call the Mashpee Police Department. “I needed help,” she said.

By Wednesday afternoon, the police had solved the mystery. The cards were intended to be distributed as gifts to employees at Pentair, a North Carolina-based pool equipment company, and they were ordered by none other than Susan Clegg, the company’s human resources manager.

Walmart’s automated order management system had confused the two women with the same name, but luckily the gift cards landed in the honest hands of the Susan Clegg from Mashpee.

“If technology can cause this type of error because two people have the same name, we may be in for problems in the future,” Ms. Clegg of Mashpee said.


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