New Balance In Mashpee To Close Due To Low Sales

The store will close September 7.LANNAN M. O'BRIEN/ENTERPRISE - The store will close September 7.

The New Balance footwear and athletic store in Mashpee Commons will close its doors on Sunday, September 7. After seven years in business, owner Robert P. Minihane said that the store has not generated enough profit to stay open.

“I just think it’s retail in general,” said Mr. Minihane, who represented New Balance and other sporting manufacturers for many years before he bought the store. “I can’t say it’s the brand because the brand is very strong.”

He added that the store’s location on Bates Road near Baer’s Pet Depot, which is across from the main section of the shopping center, may have been a disadvantage because there is less foot traffic there and the shop needs to be a destination store for consumers.


Mr. Minihane said that he has tried everything to market the store throughout the years, reaching out to the community and involving New Balance with the Falmouth Road Race, but found that his efforts have not benefited the level of sales. In fact, sales began declining last year and fell even further over this past year.

“The overall dollar value of the store is just not at a level where it would be profitable to keep it open,” he said, adding that he plans to retire to his home in Osterville.


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