A Summer To Remember In Sandwich - Editorial

Saturday, the rain fell. Sunday, too, but it was more off and on. The weekend’s soggy weather posed a bit of a problem for the big Water Street Wing Fling in the village, since many of the planned events were outdoors, like the car show and the hot air balloon rides.

But the organizers adapted. Everything that could be relocated was moved inside the school building, tents were set up for the car show and big balloons still flew during breaks in the weather. Also, the awe-inspiring three dimensional laser show—called PaintScaping—on the First Church façade went off despite the rain.

The “Fling” was the latest installment of the town’s 375th birthday celebration. Just about every weekend this summer there has been some event to mark the milestone, from Heritage Day back in June and the hugely popular SeaFest two weeks ago, to the Pilgrim, Colonial, and Civil War-era reenactments.

If you have sat out the celebration until now, there’s still time to join in the fun. There is a play at town hall, “Our Town,” from August 15 to 17, a celebration of the 1900s on August 23, and the Grand Parade on September 13.

The town has not seen a summer like this one—with so many fun, free events right here within our borders—in a long, long time, if ever. We are incredibly fortunate to have the members of the 375 Committee and its legion of volunteers who have labored to make this birthday bash so spectacular. It is a special celebration that the residents of Cape Cod’s oldest town will remember for a long, long time.


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