Another View On Turbines - Letter

I am responding to George E. LeRoy’s August 15 letter to the editor.

I am very proud also of the institutions he lists here in Falmouth that are leaders in the world: MBL, WHOI, NOAA, and Woods Hole Research Center. Their work is to be commended.

We have lived and worked in Falmouth for 35 years. I taught at Falmouth High School for 25 years and helped students see the value of community service by co-advising the FHS key club.

Yes, the Energy Committee pushed the town to erect the turbines after promoting a single 660kw machine. These 1.65mgw turbines are not quiet, and I certainly do not consider myself or other neighbors as “bullies.” Also, there are more than a “handful” of us. Forty-eight people testified at the board of health forum and many others were hesitant to step forward to make their private medical records public. Yes, we went to many meetings and bared our souls as to what we were experiencing. These illnesses are well documented around the world. I would not have spent four years of my life going to meetings and exposing my personal information if it were not true.

The town vote he refers to was to not pay for the removal of the turbines. Many people blame the state and the CEC for their placement and do not want to pay to correct this mistake.

It’s easy for someone to tell us to move away, but we built this house ourselves and our kids and grandkids live nearby. It is very hurtful to hear someone tell us to leave when we were here 30 years before the ill-sited turbines created a harmful situation. We leave often to escape the turbines, but this is our home! The turbines are harmful to us and we will do everything in our power to regain the tranquility of our home.

Diane C. Funfar
Ridgeview Drive


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