Competition Key In South Sandwich - Letter

The worst-kept secret in Sandwich, is one person owns too much land. The Heritage Park development is not well designed nor appealing. A well designed commercial development such as Mashpee Commons, attracts thousands of customers. Mashpee residents benefit from thousands of dollars in property and meal tax revenue, due to the highly successful commons.  Sandwich residents receive small tax revenue from Heritage Park.

Now we have an opportunity to sell a tremendously valuable 56-acre parcel situated at the center of Sandwich commerce. We need to focus our award based on which bidder has the experience to develop an attractive, functional commercial project because we want a steady growing flow of property tax revenue into the future.

Sandwich is aesthetically beautiful, but current rising property tax rates are creating hardship for many residents and the solution lies in producing a winning development in South Sandwich. I believe there are professional developers who have the experience to produce a viable, attractive commercial development that will prosper.

Tom Tsakalos owns 32.2 acres on Cotuit Road in his realty trust, according to the 2014 Sandwich property valuations. This property is valued at $7.376 million in this report. We need a competitive land owner in town so that we do not grant a virtual monopoly to one person. Monopolies lead to poor performance and stagnant growth, since there is no significant competition. Competition, such as what would ensue if a unique professional land developer emerges, leads to strong performance and growth. A winning commercial development leads to growing property tax revenue for Sandwich. Anyone up for a property tax reduction? It can happen if we award this project to a professional developer with a positive track record.

Timothy W. Paul
Fairway Circle


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