Farmers Markets Year-Round

It was nice to read the article, “Food Artisans: Delicious and Local” by Gail Blakely in the newly released In Season magazine. She begins by saying how lucky we are on Cape to have “farmers’ markets available to us almost year-round.” Indeed we are lucky to have locally grown produce and locally handcrafted foods (as well as local artisans’ wares) available to us where we can speak to the growers and producers, and learn about the foods and products that we put in and on our bodies - almost year-round.

The author helpfully points that out, however she then goes on to write about only a spring and summer market, making no mention whatsoever of the farmers market at Cape Cod Fairgrounds in East Falmouth which runs from June through mid-December (opening for its fourth year on June 3), and the winter farmers’ market at Mahoney’s in East Falmouth from January to March, which fill in the rest of the “almost year-round” time frame. There are enormous photographs in the three-page spread which could have been reduced in size at no peril to the piece if space was an issue.


That said, we invite the public to visit all of our farmers markets in town, all year long. It sure is nice buying local vegetables, fruits, foods, and artisans’ wares in October, November, December, January, February and March, as well as in the spring and summer. The organizers and vendors work very hard to bring these markets to the community. Support of “Buy Local/Eat Local” is appreciated and supports our local producers and the local economy. It’s better for our health, too!

See you at farmers markets throughout the calendar year!

Cynthia Shell-Terrell and Stanton Terrell, managers
Green Harvest Organic
Farmers’ & Artisans Market
Acapesket Road
East Falmouth


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