Good Mentoring Shown By Scout

On Tuesday evening FCTV held its usual celebratory annual meeting over dinner. Eric Asendorf, Chuck Borge, Valerie May Douglas, Gunnar Kinat, and Anthony Fusaro received awards. I had the privilege of sitting next to the Fusaro family, and appreciated the shyness with which Anthony received praise from the podium as Youth Volunteer of the Year.

Slightly earlier I had been in conversation with Anthony’s mother about his working with David Vieira toward becoming an Eagle Scout, and I saw more Eagle Scout qualities in this young man when he went to the podium to thank several people for their help.

One can do much worse than being on the path that Anthony is on. Good adult leadership is important for keeping scouts in scouting. One can do much worse than the kind of adult leadership that has guided Anthony on his way.

John Carlton-Foss
Church Street
Woods Hole


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