Help Mashpee Cares

“It’s Not Going To Start At My House.”

This is the tag line being used by Mashpee Cares to highlight the prescription drug problem that is consuming our community and other communities on Cape Cod. It’s not only Cape Cod, but a nationwide epidemic as we have heard from various state officials, including our own Governor Patrick.


Mashpee Cares is a coalition formed to mobilize the community to be attentive to the health, safety, and wellness of all Mashpee residents. We raise awareness of resources, reduce substance abuse, bullying, crime, and poverty and promote mental health, physical wellness and healthy lifestyles. It’s a true community effort committed to building a healthy and safe environment for all Mashpee residents. This message will also kick off the Mashpee Town Meeting on May 5 at Mashpee High School.

We need your help to spread the word, by joining Mashpee Cares, by participating through sponsored events, donating time, and simply becoming aware of a need to help create a culture that values and promotes health and well-being through positive choices.

It is recognized that in many instances, the problem has already started. Our tag line represents a community-wide effort to stop it before it starts, and or to stop it before it goes any further, and also to stop it at any time along the spectrum. It’s never too late to take steps to correct a problem.

If everyone makes a commitment to help one person each day lead a better life style, we can make a difference. 

It begins with you. Let’s all make the effort to make Mashpee a leader in this area, by stopping this problem from getting worse, by preventing in some way, another resident from getting involved with drugs.

I ask all of you, each and every one of you to support our mission by showing leadership in your own way to stop this from consuming our community. Please begin to say and follow the mantra of “It’s Not Going To Start At My House.”

Together we will make a difference, and save lives in the process.

Michael Richardson


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